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Loan Application Process

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  • Step 1

    Account opening fee

    • Ksh 650 for individual member within a group.
    • Ksh 1500 for individual borrowers.
    • Ksh 1500 for Log Book Loan.
  • Step 2
    Request amount
  • Step 3

    Business assessment

    • Business statements
    • Business visit
  • Step 4
    CRB report retrieved
  • Step 5
    If approved, deposit 20% of the loan value
  • Step 6
    Cash processed and deposited to customer’s account with 5% processing fee/insurance fee deduction.

Employed Persons


  • Letter of appointment
  • Last 3 months pay slip
  • Step 7
    The approval panel that consists of your loan officers go through the file to ascertain that the client qualifies for the loan amount and that all the documents presented are in order
  • Step 8
    If the amount is approved we move to the final stage which is disbursement.
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